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Qian Insurance Broking - Top 10 Insurance Brokers in India


Qian Insurance Broking LLP is a leading insurance broking firm focused on providing quality risk management advice in the insurance space.

In today’s fast changing world, Qian partners with its clients to offer the best solutions to mitigate the various risks their businesses are exposed to. Qian’s expertise can assist you with a wide range of business insurances and individual insurances.



To be India’s most trusted insurance broker for customers seeking advice to protect themselves from unforeseen losses.



To offer comprehensive, unbiased and quality insurance solutions to our customers ensuring their risk exposures are adequately covered.

What We Stand For ?

  • The founders firmly believe that the root cause of success for every company is having people with integrity and intelligence.These are the pillars that we have built our firm on.
  • The interests of the employees and the founders are aligned to always put the customer’s interest as the first priority. This helps create value for the customer.
  • The journey of buying an insurance policy is one where the customer places a lot of trust in his broker to ensure that his risk exposures are adequately covered. While we seek to be deserving of this trust, we spend great time with our customer in educating them about the nuances of the insurance policy. It is important to know what is covered. But it is more important to understand what is not covered.

We seek to be recognized as


A fair and a desirable employer in our industry


To promote a culture of continuous learning and team building


Provide our employees ample opportunities to grow

Our Founders

Naimish Shah

Naimish Shah

"Sustained thinking and perseverance are the armours to overcome any problem. At Qian, expect exactly that."

Naimish Shah

Umang Shah

"With Qian, you have an Insurance Partner who understands risk and actively seeks to keep you secured from the risk."

Naimish Shah

Hemik Shah

"Insurance is not an expense, it is an investment to keep you secure should anything unforeseen happen!"

Naimish Shah

Aditya Shah

"Claims Assistance has been a trouble area for Insurance Clients in India. At Qian, you will receive 24/7 Expert Claims Assistance as we know our Claims Servicing is what will differentiate us"