How does a Trade Credit Insurance Policy Work?

A Trade Credit Insurance Policy is an essential risk management tool for businesses that sell goods or services on credit. A Credit Insurance Policy provides protection against the risk of non-payment by the customers. In a global economy, where trade involves transactions between multiple parties, a Trade Credit Insurance policy offers peace of mind and […]

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Institute Cargo Clauses in a Marine Insurance Policy

marine insurance

Institute Cargo Clauses are the foundation of a Marine Cargo Insurance Policy. It is extremely important to understand the Institute Cargo Clauses in detail so that we understand the coverages and exclusions. There are 3 sets of Institute Cargo Clauses providing different levels of protection: Institute Cargo Clauses – A (ICC-A 2009 Clauses) Institute Cargo […]

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Paramount TPA: Benefits, Claim Process and Hospital List

Paramount Health Insurance TPA

One of the important points while purchasing a Group Health Insurance Policy is to select a Third-Party Administrator (TPA). It’s essential to choose a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) who can provide efficient and reliable services. Paramount TPA is one of the leading IRDAI approved TPAs in India and this blog will provide a detailed overview on […]

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5 Benefits of a Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy

Benefits of Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy

A Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy protects the Board Members, Officers, and other executives of a company from claims of Wrongful Acts committed in their managerial capacity. A Wrongful Act in a D&O Policy can be a Breach of Duty, Neglect, Error or Omission, Misstatement, or Misleading Statement. The D&O Liability Insurance Policy provides cover […]

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Coverages in a Contractors All-Risk Insurance Policy [Infographic]

A Contractors All Risk Insurance Policy (CAR Insurance Policy) is a type of insurance policy given to under-construction civil projects and provides protection against claims of Material Damage and Third-Party Liability arising during Construction Stage. A CAR Insurance Policy provides comprehensive coverage to the entire under-construction project from the arrival of the first consignment at […]

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Bajaj Allianz Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy – A Detailed Review

A Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy is an important tool to securing employees against accidental death or disability. A Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy is also known as a GPA Insurance Policy. This article provides a detailed overview of Bajaj Allianz Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy, including its coverages, benefits, exclusions, and features. What is […]

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What is the Difference between Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Policy and ESIC?

Employee Benefits Package are an important part of retaining and attracting talented employees. Employers cover their employees under various insurance plans such as a Group Health Insurance Plan, Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy, a Group Term Life Insurance Policy etc. Another two important insurance policies that provide social security benefit to employees in India are […]

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SBI General Group Health Insurance Policy – Detailed Review

A Group Health Insurance Policy provides reimbursement for the hospitalisation expenses incurred by the employees during the Policy Period.  Group Health Insurance Policies are a popular choice for many companies as they provide coverage for a group of people at affordable premiums. The SBI General Group Health Insurance Policy is one such comprehensive Health Insurance […]

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What are the First Party and Third Party Coverages in a Cyber Insurance Policy?

First Party and Third Party Coverage in a Cyber Insurance Policy

Cyber Risk is one of the biggest risks facing organisations today. Data Breach Incidents are becoming increasingly common today driven by rise in number of ransomware and malware cyberattacks. Implementing appropriate Cyber Security and Data Protection measures should be the topmost concern of companies. Along with robust data protection measures, companies should consider purchasing a […]

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