5 Key Benefits of a Cyber Insurance Policy [Infographic]

Benefits of a Cyber Insurance Policy

In today’s digital age, businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. A Cyberattack can cause huge financial losses and reputational damage. In order to safeguard against the impact of cyberattacks, businesses are increasingly looking to secure themselves with a Cyber Insurance Policy. A Cyber Liability Insurance Policy protects the Insured Company against […]

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What are the First Party and Third Party Coverages in a Cyber Insurance Policy?

First Party and Third Party Coverage in a Cyber Insurance Policy

Cyber Risk is one of the biggest risks facing organisations today. Data Breach Incidents are becoming increasingly common today driven by rise in number of ransomware and malware cyberattacks. Implementing appropriate Cyber Security and Data Protection measures should be the topmost concern of companies. Along with robust data protection measures, companies should consider purchasing a […]

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What are the exclusions in a Cyber Insurance Policy?

Exclusions in a Cyber Insurance Policy in India

Today, the number and frequency of Cyberattacks are increasing by the day. A Cyber Insurance Policy is an essential tool for a business to protect itself from the losses resulting from Cyberattacks. Business owners should read through Cyber Insurance Policy Wordings thoroughly to understand the Cyber Insurance Coverages Provided by their Cyber Policy. Additionally, they should also read […]

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Different Types of Cyberattacks and Role of Cyber Insurance Policy: A Primer

Cyber Liability Insurance Policy for Cyberattacks

Today Cyberattacks are on the rise in every country. The frequency and magnitude of losses due to Cyberattacks is also increasing by the year. Cybersecurity has emerged as one of the top concerns facing businesses globally. In such a scenario, CEOs should be aware of different types of Cyberattacks and the role of Cyber Insurance […]

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