Advantages of a Fire Insurance Policy For Your Factory [Infographic]

Fire Insurance Policy For Your Factory

Keeping your factory assets uninsured might result in huge financial losses. A small fire accident can cause damage to the tune of Crores of Rupees. It is extremely important for factory owners to purchase a comprehensive Fire Insurance Policy for all their assets such as plant and machinery, factory building, stocks etc.There are many benefits […]

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Important Add-On Covers under Factory Insurance Policy and Fire Insurance Policy

Nowadays, many companies are insuring plant and machinery or stocks looking at the lowest premiums without considering coverages or clauses included in the Factory Insurance Policy. This can be a big mistake. There are many add-on covers which are useful for specific industries and the inclusion of such covers is of paramount importance. It is […]

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Eight Types of Factory Insurances You Should Know About! [Infographic]

In order to help protect themselves from potential disasters, manufacturers should have a well-designed insurance portfolio. However, not all realize the importance of protecting their business against these risks as each case is unique and different for every manufacturer. The Factory insurance policy cost depends on what kind it is and which risk you want to be […]

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