Complete Guide to Daycare Procedure in a Group Health Insurance Policy

Daycare Procedure in a Group Health Insurance Policy

A Daycare Procedure in a Group Medical Insurance Policy is defined as any medical treatment, and/or surgical procedure which is undertaken under General or Local Anesthesia in a hospitalin less than 24 hrs because of technological advancement, and which would have otherwise required hospitalization of more than 24 hours. Treatment normally taken on an out-patient basis is not included in the scope of Daycare Procedure.

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Paramount TPA: Benefits, Claim Process and Hospital List

Paramount Health Insurance TPA

One of the important points while purchasing a Group Health Insurance Policy is to select a Third-Party Administrator (TPA). It’s essential to choose a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) who can provide efficient and reliable services. Paramount TPA is one of the leading IRDAI approved TPAs in India and this blog will provide a detailed overview on […]

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SBI General Group Health Insurance Policy – Detailed Review

A Group Health Insurance Policy provides reimbursement for the hospitalisation expenses incurred by the employees during the Policy Period.  Group Health Insurance Policies are a popular choice for many companies as they provide coverage for a group of people at affordable premiums. The SBI General Group Health Insurance Policy is one such comprehensive Health Insurance […]

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What is the Claim Process in a Group Health Insurance Policy?

A simple claims settlement process is one of the important features of Group Health Insurance Policy and it is important for employers to understand the Claims Process under a Group Health Insurance Policy. A Group Health Insurance Claim is a request submitted by the Insured Employee under the Group Health Insurance Policy to claim reimbursement […]

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TPA Full Form In Insurance : What is Third Party Administrator (TPA) in Group Health Insurance Policy?

Third Party Administrator (TPA) in a Group Health Insurance Policy

What is the Full Form of TPA? The full form of TPA is Third Party Administrator. A TPA is an IRDA registered and licensed intermediary which acts as a mediator between the health Insurance company & the insured. The primary role of a TPA is to process health insurance claims, provide health insurance E-cards, and […]

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