5 Key Benefits of a Cyber Insurance Policy [Infographic]

Benefits of a Cyber Insurance Policy

In today’s digital age, businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. A Cyberattack can cause huge financial losses and reputational damage. In order to safeguard against the impact of cyberattacks, businesses are increasingly looking to secure themselves with a Cyber Insurance Policy. A Cyber Liability Insurance Policy protects the Insured Company against […]

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7 Advantages of Directors & Officers Liability Insurance [Infographic]

A Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Policy protects directors and officers of a company against lawsuits alleging a wrongful acts committed by them in their managerial capacity. A Wrongful Act can constitute Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Negligence, Error or Omission or Misleading Statement or Misstatement. It may also cover claims related to employment practices, such […]

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Coverages in a Contractors All-Risk Insurance Policy [Infographic]

A Contractors All Risk Insurance Policy (CAR Insurance Policy) is a type of insurance policy given to under-construction civil projects and provides protection against claims of Material Damage and Third-Party Liability arising during Construction Stage. A CAR Insurance Policy provides comprehensive coverage to the entire under-construction project from the arrival of the first consignment at […]

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How does a Trade Credit Insurance Policy work? [Infographic]

A Trade Credit Insurance Policy is an important tool which protects your business from unpaid invoices by insuring the accounts receivable. The Trade Credit Insurance Policy pays out a percentage of invoice value owed to the seller in case the buyer delays the payment, declares insolvency or is unable to make payment due to the […]

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12 Perils Covered under a Standard Fire and Special Perils Insurance Policy [Infographic]

12 Perils Covered under a Fire Insurance Policy

Business owners invest crores of rupees in assets such as plant and machinery, buildings, offices, warehouse stocks etc. Thus, it is important to secure these assets with a Fire Insurance Policy. Fire Insurance, also known as a Standard Fire and Special Perils Insurance Policy provides reimbursement in case the insured assets are damaged by fire […]

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Claims Process for Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy for Employees [Infographic]

Claims Process for Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy

Employees are an organization’s most valuable resource. Therefore, paying attention to employee’s health and welfare is critical. Many organizations have comprehensive employee benefits programs such as providing employees with complete group health insurance coverage. This helps boost employee productivity and retention as well. This infographic will provide information about the claims process for a group […]

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Key Features of Group Mediclaim Policy For Employees [Infographic]

A  Group Mediclaim Policy for Employees is an important health insurance benefit provided by employers to their employees. A Group Mediclaim policy covers employees for all hospitalization expenses incurred by them during the Policy Period. Additionally, Group Mediclaim Insurance Policies are cheaper as compared to Individual Health Insurance Policies.

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Advantages of a Fire Insurance Policy For Your Factory [Infographic]

Fire Insurance Policy For Your Factory

Keeping your factory assets uninsured might result in huge financial losses. A small fire accident can cause damage to the tune of Crores of Rupees. It is extremely important for factory owners to purchase a comprehensive Fire Insurance Policy for all their assets such as plant and machinery, factory building, stocks etc.There are many benefits […]

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What is the Claims Process under a Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy? [Infographic]

The directors and officers of a company play critical roles in its management and administration. Many directors lend their expertise to the company and make executive decisions that affect the company’s growth and profitability. Though the directors and officers might not be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, these directors and officers they […]

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7 Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance Policy in India [Infographic]

What are the Benefits of a Trade Credit Insurance Policy? Today a large part of business is conducted on credit sales. Receivables constitute approximately 40% of a company’s balance sheet and a payment default might lead to financial stress for the seller. In such a scenario, a Trade Credit Insurance Policy has emerged as an effective […]

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