Eight Types of Factory Insurances You Should Know About! [Infographic]

In order to help protect themselves from potential disasters, manufacturers should have a well-designed insurance portfolio. However, not all realize the importance of protecting their business against these risks as each case is unique and different for every manufacturer. The Factory insurance policy cost depends on what kind it is and which risk you want to be covered by your Factory Insurance Policy.

A factory owner can decrease the risks of his business by covering them with different insurance types. These include boiler and pressure plant cover, stock insurance, trade credit insurance, machinery breakdowns insurances. A team member at Qian Insurance Broking will help you choose which type is best for your needs.

Every manufacturer has different risks associated with their businesses and they should have a well-designed in-Surance portfolio to mitigate such risks. However, not all manufacturers realize they should protect themselves against these potential disasters since each case Is unique. A Factory insurance policy cost depends on what kind of factory It is and the possible risks you want to protect your factory from. A factory owner can insure his factory from different risks by utilising various insurances such as:

  1. Factory and Warehouse Insurance Policy
  2. What is the need for a Factory Insurance in India?
  3. What are the coverages under a Factory and Warehouse Insurance Policy?
  4. What can be covered under a Factory and Warehouse Insurance Policy in India?
  5. What are the different types of Factory & Warehouse Insurance Policies?
  6. What factors can help reduce premium under Factory and Warehouse Insurance?
  7. What is the cost of a Factory and Warehouse Insurance Policy?
  8. What are the exclusions under a Factory and Warehouse Policy?
  9. How to claim under a Factory and Warehouse Insurance Policy?
  10. Get Best Factory and Warehouse Insurance Policy Quotes with Qian

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