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What is a Health Insurance Policy for NRI?

A Health Insurance Policy for NRIs provides health insurance coverage to Non-Resident Indians travelling to India. The Health Insurance Policy for NRIs will cover all medical expenses incurred by the NRIs when they are in India. It does not, however, provide coverage for medical care obtained outside of India.

Health Insurance Policy for NRI in India

Who is a NRI or Non-Resident Indian? – NRI Full Form, Definition of NRI

A NRI is an Indian Citizen or a Foreign Citizen of Indian Origin who is living abroad (outside Indian) for 182 days or more in a financial year for the purpose of employment or business.

Can NRIs buy Health Insurance in India?

Yes, any NRI living abroad may purchase a Health Insurance Policy for themselves and their entire family in India. NRIs can choose from any of the available health insurance plans such as Individual Health Insurance, Family Floater Health Insurance or Senior Citizens Health Insurance Policy. NRIs need to provide the necessary documents to prove their Indian citizenship, such as valid address proof, a recent ITR, etc. Person of Indian Origin (PIOs) will also have to provide a Passport Copy to avail a NRI Health Insurance Policy. An important point to note that the NRI Health Insurance Policy only covers medical expenses for treatments availed inside India. So, if you are an NRI residing in USA, you cannot avail treatment in USA and file an Insurance Claim under the Indian Health Insurance Policy.

How does Health Insurance work for NRIs?

An NRI health Insurance Policy works in the same way as a regular Health Insurance Policy. The Insured pays the Premiums and purchases a Health Insurance Policy to receive Health Insurance Coverage. The Claims Process is also the same for NRI Health Insurance Policy as a regular Health Insurance Policy.

Why Should NRIs Buy Health Insurance in India?

  1. Coverage Restrictions: If you have purchased a Health Insurance Policy in your home country (for example, the United States), the Insurance Policy won’t cover you if you get hospitalised while visiting India because an Insurance Policy purchased in the home country restricts the coverage only to the treatment received in that particular country. An NRI Health Insurance Policy will come to the rescue in such a case by providing coverage to the NRI for the treatment received.
  2. Get Ongoing Health Insurance Coverage: If you are an NRI and visit India more than once a year, a NRI Health Insurance Policy can ensure that you are covered for medical expenses in India for the duration of the policy. It will allow you to claim your medical expenses if you are hospitalised during your visit to India.
  3. Pre-Existing Disease Coverage: Many a times, NRI’s return back to India and settle in the country. In such cases, if you have already purchased an NRI Health Insurance Policy, then the Waiting Period for Pre-Existing Diseases would have already passed. So, when you return to India, there would be no Waiting Period for Pre-Existing Diseases and you would receive comprehensive coverage for Pre-Existing Diseases.
  4. Affordable Premiums: Health Insurance Plans in India are usually more affordable than in most other countries. This is because healthcare services in other countries are significantly more expensive than in India.
  5. Financial Security: Medical Expenses are skyrocketing and hospitalisation expenses in some cases might put a strain on the family’s finances. A Health Insurance Policy provides a security net to the Policyholder from surging medical expenses.

What do NRI regulations under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) mean?

The Foreign Exchange Management Act, or FEMA, lays out the rules for providing Health Insurance Policies to NRIs in India. According to FEMA regulations, the Insurance Claim can be paid in Indian Rupees if the Premiums are paid in Indian Rupees and if the Insurance Premiums are paid in foreign currency, the maximum amount that can be paid in a Claim under an NRI Health Insurance Policy is the total amount of foreign currency that the NRI has paid as premiums in that specific foreign currency.

How to Purchase Health Insurance for NRIs in India?

NRIs can purchase a Health Insurance Policy in India with the same ease as an Indian Citizen. An NRI can follow the below mentioned steps to purchase a Health Insurance Policy in India

  1. Visit the website of any Insurance Company and click on "Health Insurance" or alternatively you can contact an Insurance Broker.
  2. Provide the required information such as Age, Health History and Contact Information.
  3. Choose the NRI Health Insurance Plan you want to purchase by comparing the features and Insurance Premiums
  4. Make the premium payment and share all the necessary documents
  5. The NRI Health Insurance Policy will be issued.

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In a nutshell, it is a prudent decision for NRIs to purchase a Health Insurance Policy in India to secure themselves. If you wish to purchase an NRI Health Insurance Policy, pls feel free to the team at Qian to avail a detailed comparison of NRI Health Insurance Policy features and quotes. Moreover, the team at Qian will also assist you with a complete claims process in your Health Insurance Policy should such a need arise. You can reach out to us via email at or call us on 022-35134695. We promise to give you a quote in 15 minutes.


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