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Travel Insurance

Explore the world without any worries!

Secure yourself from possibilities that may spoil your trip. The purpose of your travel maybe a vacation, business trip or moving abroad for studies. You would want to enjoy your trip hassle-free and travel insurance eases the financial burden from any losses incurred during your stay.

Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance?

A Travel Insurance is anInsurance Policy that covers various circumstances that may ruin a trip. It covers a losses or expenses that a traveller may incur on account of injuries and accidents during a trip. In addition, a Travel Insurance Policy also offers compensation on account of for Trip Cancellation or Trip Delays, Loss of Passport etc.

A Travel Insurance broadly covers losses or expenses on account of the following:

  1. Medical Expenses
  2. Personal Accident
  3. Trip Cancellation or Curtailment
  4. Trip Delays
  5. Missed Connecting Flight
  6. Medical Evacuation
  7. Loss of Passport
  8. Loss of Checked-In Baggage
  9. Theft/Loss of Personal Belongings

What are the different types of Travel Insurance Plans?

Travel insurances are offered based on:

  1. Geography
  2. Type/Purpose of Traveller
  3. Number of expected trips in a year

How are Travel Insurance Plans Classified based on Geography?

Travel insurances are offered based on:

  1. Geography
  2. Type/Purpose of Traveller
  3. Number of expected trips in a year

How are Travel Insurance Policies classified based on purpose or types of travellers?

The above travel insurances can be bought by the following types of travellers:

  • Individual Travel Insurance Policy: This policy provides cover (as opted) on an Individual Basis.
  • Family Travel Insurance Policy: This Policy is designed for families taking trips together. This policy typically covers the Policyholder, Spouse, and Dependent Children.

A Family Travel Insurance Policy can be bought on individual basis for each family member or on a family floater basis in which the total sum insured opted for is shared amongst the family members. The former is a more expensive plan than the family floater.

  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policy: This Policy is specifically designed for elderly people. Anyone above the age of 60 must opt for a Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policy since the coverage and premiums are tailor made for this type of plan.
  • Student Travel Insurance Policy: This is a must and popular plan with students travelling abroad for studies especially to the USA. This policy can be bought to cover up to 3 years and renewed after that if the student is going to continue studies abroad.

A Student Travel Insurance Policy offers all the typical coverages of an International Travel Insurance and in addition also provides two-way compassionate visit for Insured and Family Member, Study Interruption, Sponsor Protection amongst others.

  • Corporate Travel Insurance Policy: This Policy is tailor made for corporate travellers on their business stays. A Corporate Travel Insurance Policycan be purchased for a validity of up to 1 year. The corporate traveller has the option to undertake several journeys during that 1-year validity period.
  • Group Travel Insurance:This is a comprehensive plan designed for people travelling together in groups. A Group Travel Insurance Policy can be purchased by Corporates for their various employees expected to travel throughout the year. This Policy can also be purchased for groups travelling together in tour groups, for pilgrimages or any other reason.

What are the exclusions under a Travel Insurance policy

Always be informed about what is not covered in your policy. Please read this section carefully. Most travel insurances do not cover the following:

Exclusions Under a Travel Insurance Policy

Medical Expenses on account of Injuries due to Participation in Adventure Sports is mostly excluded from all Travel Insurance Policies

Medical Expenses on account of Pre-Existing Diseases are not covered under Travel Insurance Policies

Death or injury related to suicide or an attempt to suicide are excluded

Any expenses towards a Cosmetic Surgery are not covered in Travel Insurance Policies

Expenses towards Ayurveda or Homeopathy Treatment are not covered in Travel Insurance Policies

Loss of Passport (when left unattended): Expenses towards procuring a new passport are covered in your Travel Insurance. But if the loss happens due to negligence or leaving baggage unattended then Insurance Company will not pay for it

Loss of Baggage (shipped separately): Travel insurance plans cover your luggage only when the Insured is carrying it, or it is lost by the airline. If it is shipped separately then it does not fall under the purview of the Policy

Loss of Passport (when left unattended) or by the customs officials or police

How to make a Travel Insurance Claim?

The Insured needs to follow the below mentioned process in order to make a Claim under a Travel Insurance Policy:

  1. Claim Intimation:The Insured will first need to intimate the Claim Event to the Insurance Company wither through his Travel Insurance Broker or directly.
  2. Documents Submission:The Insured will be given a list of required documents in order to make a Claim under Travel Insurance Policy. The required documents along with a duly filled and signed Claim Form have to be submitted to the Travel Insurance Broker (Agent) or the Insurance Company.
  3. Processing:The Insurance Company will process the Claim in case all the requirements are satisfied or will ask for additional documents if required.
How to make a Travel Insurance Claim?

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

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Buy a Travel Insurance Policy in just 10 minutes!


The answer is a Yes and No. Claims are covered but only if certain conditions are met. Again, different insurance companies have different coverages and conditions. It is best to contact your broker/agent before purchasing a travel policy to include COVID-19 claims to understand the product that you are buying fully and have all your questions answered.
Yes, if your trip has got extended due to any reason you may contact your broker/agent or insurance company and inform them about such extension. On the payment of additional premium and their acceptance of proposal, your travel insurance plan can be renewed.

The minimum Policy Period for most Travel Insurance Policy is as follows:

  • Single Trip Policy: 1 Day
  • Multi Trip Policy: 3 Months Day

The maximum Policy Period for most Travel Insurance Policy is as follows:

Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy:

  • 270 Days which can be further extended for a further 95 days for Insured Person less than or equal to 70 years of age
  • 180 Days including extension for Insured Person more than 70 years of age

Multi Trip Travel Insurance Policy:1 Year

Student Travel Insurance Policy: e Year


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