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What is an Insurance Deductible?

Dec 11, 2023


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What is an Insurance Deductible?

What is a Deductible in Insurance? – Definition

A Deductible in Insurance is defined as the amount of loss that the Insured must bear from his own pocket before the Insurance Company starts paying out the claim.

How does an Insurance Deductible work?

Consider an example of a Policyholder with a Car Insurance Policy with a Deductible of Rs3000. If the vehicle gets damaged in an accident, the Policyholder will file an Insurance Claim with the Insurance Company. The Insurance Policy will pay the loss to the Policyholder after deducting the amount of Rs3000.

The Policyholder will have to bear the loss of Rs3000 from his own pocket.

What are the types of Deductibles?

Insurance Policies have various types of deductibles:

  1. Fixed Deductibles: A fixed deductible is a fixed rupee amount such as Rs3000. So, whenever a Policyholder files an Insurance Claim, he will have to pay Rs3000 out of his own pocket before his Policy starts paying out a Claim.
  2. Percentage Deductible: A Percentage Deductible as the name suggests, defines the deductible in terms of percentage. Many Fire Insurance Policies have a deductible of 5% of Claim Amount subject to a minimum amount of say, Rs1 Lakh.
  3. Time Deductible: Another Variation of Deductible is a Time Deductible. Business Interruption Cover in a Cyber Insurance Policy usually specifies a time deductible of 24 hours. This means that the business should be interrupted for a minimum period of 24 hours before the Policy starts paying out a claim.

Which types of Insurance Policies have deductibles?

Many common Insurance Policies have deductibles such as:

  1. Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy
  2. Cyber Liability Insurance Policy
  3. D&O Liability Insurance Policy
  4. Fire Insurance Policy

Why do Insurance Policies have deductibles?

Insurance Policies have deductibles for a variety of reasons as listed below:

  1. Reduce administrative costs for Small Claims: One reason for having a deductible in Insurance Policies is that it discourages Insured from filing Insurance Claims for small amounts. These small claims have a potential to incur substantial administrative costs. By including a Deductible, Insurance Companies are ensuring that only Insureds who are facing serious losses are filing for a Claim.
  2. Prevent Moral Hazard: Another reason for having a Deductible in Insurance is to prevent Moral Hazard. If an Insurance Policy has a Zero Deductible, then Insureds may engage in risky behaviour secured in the knowledge that they are insured and would not bear any consequences for the loss. Having a deductible ensures that the Policyholder will also bear losses for his risky behaviour.

Higher or Lower Deductibles – Which is better?

As mentioned earlier, Deductible is the amount of loss that the Insured must pay out of his own pocket before the Policy starts paying out a claim.

A Higher deductible means that the Policyholder will have to bear a greater amount of loss out of his own pocket. However, the advantage is that the Policyholder will have to pay lesser premiums for a Policy with higher deductible as compared to a Policy with a lower deductible.

Lower deductible means that the Policyholder will have to bear a lower amount of loss out of his own pocket but pay commensurately higher premiums.

How to save money on Insurance Premiums with a Deductible?

Policyholders have an option of deciding a deductible on many Insurance Policies like Motor Insurance, Health Insurance etc. If the Policyholder chooses to opt for a higher deductible, then the Insurance Premium charged will be lesser as compared to Policies with a lower deductible. The Policyholder can thus save money in Insurance Premiums.

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